Online Programme of Oil&Gas Horizons XII
Time in Moscow

18th of November

Technical Lecture
“On Development of Machine Learning Applications in Cognitive Environments”

Alexander Mikhailovich Kuvichko – RCA DELFI Product Manager, Schlumberger

Technical Sessions

Drilling and Completion
Health, Safety and Environment
PhD and Young Professionals Paper Contest Upstream

19th of November

Soft Skill Training
“Key secrets to be successfully employed to at Schlumberger! ”

Olga Myasoedova - Coordinator for the selection of personnel and work with the university, Schlumberger
Alexander Nekrasov – Talent acquisition and brand manager, Schlumberger

International Round Table

Technical Sessions

Oil and Gas Chemistry
Oil and Gas Logistics, Storage and Transportation
Oil and Gas Field Development
Petroleum Economics and Management

20th of November

Technical Lecture
“The mathematical model of the filtration process in horizontal wells for the high viscosity oil fields”

Oksana Nikolaevna Shevchenko - Leading Engineer of the Department for Design and Monitoring of Development of the Southern Region of the LLC «VolgogradNIPImorneft»

Technical Sessions

“Smart” technologies
PhD and Young Professionals Paper Contest Midstream and Downstream

Technical Lecture
"How digital transformation can improve oil industry"

Denis Kachesov – Main architector, LLC "Gazpromneft Information Technology Operator"

PetroOlympic Games/Tecnical Case

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